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"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad." ~ Lord Byron
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In the Shadow, is the story of Bob Younger, the sixth of the Younger Brothers of Missouri.  Bob’s privileged life is irrevocably destroyed through a horrific series of events during the Missouri-Kansas Border War and ensuing War Between the States. After his brother Cole becomes immersed in the deadly guerilla force of William Clarke Quantrill, a vendetta is launched against the Youngers by men who won’t be satisfied until the family’s home, enterprises, land and lives are systematically destroyed.  As Bob grows into his adolescence, Cole turns to a life of outlawry to avenge those he loves and the defeat of the Confederate Cause; and the list of enemies grows longer and more determined.

The four brothers attempt to begin a new life in an unrestricted Texas but the past encroaches on Bob’s efforts to start over as Cole, then his brother John, become fully immersed in their activism and greed.  Despite Bob’s efforts to live his own life and distance himself from involvement in their crimes, he finds it impossible to emerge from the shadow of Cole’s reputation.  After a devastating death, the charismatic Jesse James attempts to entice Bob with promises of retribution against those who won’t allow him the opportunities to which he’s entitled and for the first time Bob seriously considers the reality of what he might gain were he to live his life outside the law.

Change is nothing new to Bob and when he is not yet twenty-one, unforeseen encounters with two people may provide him with an opportunity to live the life he has always longed to live. One of them, an old friend, has a proposal that might enhance Bob’s future and Bob has to make a big decision. So do his brothers. Once again the Youngers stand to be transformed by family loyalty and unprecedented events. Yet this time, Bob holds the cards… if he can only look to the future and leave behind the boy who stands in the shadow.








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